Windows 10 Can't Rapid Tap

If I tap on my touchpad 2 times, it registers as a double click. If I tap more than 2 times, it registers as a double click when I am done tapping. Normally, I would expect, say, 4 taps to register as a double click after tapping twice and a second double click after the fourth tap. Instead, it is waiting until I finish clicking and then interpreting it as a single gesture that reduces down to a solitary double click.

How can I change the settings to rapidly tap to rapidly perform a series of double clicks?


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The double tap is controlled by the touch pad app (driver) and that may be a makers software or Microsoft may be overriding it.
Has this always been an issue or just happened?


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What you are seeing would seem to be normal operation. Probably because of errors made by the user or reaction of the touchscreen during certain types to touchscreen activities. It only takes a short time for the screen to react to the double touch, are you waiting a short time before the first double click and the second double click? Does your double click work every time you use it and you don't need to repeat.

A mouse has an adjustment for the double click speed. Does your system have that same type of timing adjustment available for the touchscreen. I would test mine, but it is not currently available.

It is a new machine that I am customizing.

The interesting thing is that if I rapidly tap 6 times, it will wait until I am done before registering that as a single gesture -- that's 6 rapid taps with no delays in the pairs, and it will not respond until I stop tapping.

What I want is an immediate response that is repeated the more times I click -- this is the behavior of rapidly clicking a left mouse button. I want tapping to behave that same way, and that's also the way my old machine behaved back under Windows 7.

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