Cant remove icons from notification area icons


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at windows 7 ultimate
from Control panel - Notification area icons
how can i remove icons which are already has removed entrly from the windows and the hard drive
such as utorrent for example i have already uninstalled it and removed from regedit and there are still program icons showed there at this "notification area icons" at the cp
is there anyway to remove from there icons totally?


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i have tried this guide
but i dont have at the regedit this "Traynotify" folder at windows-current version etc..
and after that i've also tried that guide
but when i go to "taskbar and startmenu - system icons- costumize" im nit able to find any of the icons which are being showed at the notification area icons
any other suggestions?


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Would you mind sharing your resolution here so that others that may come in the future know what the resolution was?