Windows 10 Can't remove sign in screen using netplwiz

Hi All.
I have updated today 18/09/2016. since the update I cannot auto log in. I have used netplwiz checked that the checkbox to not sign in everytime is unchecked added my password as usual and shut down and logged back on but it is not working and the pc wants me to log in everytime which is a pain. Any help appreciated.


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What version of W10 did you have prior to the AU update today? Also, please check the version that's on your computer now after the 9.18.2016 update from this morning. Here's how to check your W10 version; read this link: Widen date/time area in taskbar system tray.

It's anti-W10 to remove your password, and poses a security risk as you are no doubt aware. It's possible that W10 refuses to allow this in the most current AU update. I've read recently that they are removing that capability or have already done so since the W10 Aug. 2nd update (AU). I would re-check that login password box, reboot your computer and try it again. If you are then able to get to your W10 desktop from the previous version, that fixes your problem. :up:

Microsoft has removed other features completely from W10 without really telling the public, such as the Missing DVD player app and the Windows Movie Maker. So, this would not be a big surprise. :(

I had the newest AU update come into my laptop yesterday morning, v1607 OS build 14393.187, which is the latest, and it developed a very bad problem with about 15 keys on my keyboard not working correctly (alpha + numeric). Had to completely uninstall the AU from the laptop to get it working again.:waah:

Post back the 2-W10 version numbers from your computer (before and after the Update), and we can perhaps advise you further.

Thanks, :)


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In the for what it's worth department.

I'm running version 1607 (OS Build 14393.187) and I have my computer set to not ask for the password at start and it's working fine.

So it doesn't appear to be a feature of the new build.

Have you tried setting it back to the normal setting, rebooting and then starting over and unchecking the bow again?

Sometimes that does work, no guarantees. LOL

Also any chance you typed in the wrong password when you did it?

And make sure the listed user that's selected in the window below the check box, is shown as Administrator.


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Hi Guys thanks for the help I've checked my win 10 build and it is version 1607 (os build 14393.187) Hope that means something to you guys. Thanks.


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That means that you have the anniversary update installed and are at the latest build.
I don't know why it wouldn't work, it works on my computer.

You could have a look at Neemobeer's suggestion, and see it that looks like something you could use.

I don't have any experience with it myself.

Did you try resetting it to default and then rebooting and trying again?


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Hi Mike. Yes I did. There must be some way around it? I'll find it..Somehow.

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