Windows 8 Can't run Release Preview w/ nvidia geforce 8400 video


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Jan 14, 2009
I've recently installed a nvidia geforce 8400 video card on my test PC that has four hard drives running, Ubuntu, Debian and Mageia Linux distros. They all work fine with the video card.

When I tried to install win8 Release Preview on a newly installed hdd that I partitioned to ntfs, the opening screen comes up all swirled and garbled because Win 8 can't read the video correctly. Why is this? I thought that Win8 would do as well as Ubuntu Linux on the same PC but separate hard drives.

Is it possible to make it work, or should I just forget it and wait until the Win 8 final comes out and install on some other PC? :(
Hi, which driver did you try? Try this link here and download the specific win 8 driver:

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

How can I download a driver when I'm trying to install Release Preview? I'm installing on a empty hard drive. since my other drive with Win 7 failed and I had to return for a replacement, I only have Linux on my PC at this time. How can I use a nvidia driver when I haven't installed Win 8 yet?
If you have linux you can load the live cd or OS and download the driver to a usb stick or removable media, If you feel inclined to you can also partition you HDD to be spit and save the driver the which ever partition that will be free space after installing Windows. The Linux live cd can save to hard drives that are split. I have had this happen many times and resort to these methods or use another computer to download drivers to removable medias then load up all my drivers from there. Hope this helps.
I'm sorry, but I've lost interest in Win 8 Release preview. If it can't recognize a 4 yr old nvidia card that many Linux distros have no trouble with, it's got problems. I'll maybe install it on another PC in six months when the final version comes out. Frankly, I have little need for Windows anymore. I only try it out because I like to see the changes in computer interfaces.

If anyone here is open to something besides Windows or Mac, here's something to read.
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