Can't wait to discard this...

Before the end of this month I will finally be getting the new Windows 7 operating system and I will be trashing this 2007 Windows Vista machine. Who else agrees that 7 is so much better?

Welcome onboard !

We all agreed on that long time ago. You are right. :)


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It's certainly an improvement.

Vista was the biggest waste of 120$. It didn't finally start to become stable until right before I got this win7 laptop. Every 3 - 5 months I had to reload Vista (it taught me to make regular backups). I only keep my old machine around because it's the first real nice case mod I did. Eventually I'll gut it and upgrade the mobo/cpu and the godawful os.


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It was still better than XP when there was no Windows 7, in my honest opinion. Hardware just wasn't up to par at the time and it was writing to disk a lot. After SP1, it is still slower than 7, but not as bad as some would suggest..

after neumerous installations and sp2 I have grown increasingly tollerant of vista , on a laptop where I finally did get windows 7 ultimate installed but then got nervous and returned to vista ,chicken you say , well I don,t like windows 7 it looks cheap,and in some ways oriental ha haaaaar, I am kind of tired of the slowness of the system but you can turn off uac and other services,anyway I am ok with vista now

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