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Cleaner has some unique pluses. But I prefer Bleachbit for a custom thorough cleaning.


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No Disrespect, Joey. But I would, with reservation, disagree. Ccleaner is old and tried. It does what it says. As a hobby, and to advise locally, I love to test programs which are brought to my attention. I examined Bleachbit (which I had never previously heard of) All I could find Strictly IMHO, was a more complicated way of doing precisely what Ccleaner does.


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Well, I note Joey didn't make any claims that Bleachbit was better, just that he preferred it.

While CCleaner has been around longer, I note Bleachbit is over 10 years old too and has been "tried" as well. So not sure that matters.

Personally, I think Bleachbit is for different audiences. Yes, it works on Windows, but Bleachbit is a "cross-platform" application that works with Linux and Mac systems too - something CCleaner does not do. That could be a major plus for some.

And clearly, Bleachbit's UI is less refined, more for the "hands-on" folks - again that may be a plus for more advanced users.

That said, I much "prefer" CCleaner too and I feel for most "Windows" users, CCleaner is the way to go. But I also feel for most "Windows" users, Windows own "Disk Cleanup" is more than adequate and it's already in there. In fact, if folks are looking to free up some disk space because it is getting critically low, Windows Disk Cleanup is the best solution. Why? Because it is counter-productive to download and install yet another program that takes up disk space when disk space is already critically low.

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