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No Disrespect, Joey. But I would, with reservation, disagree. Ccleaner is old and tried. It does what it says. As a hobby, and to advise locally, I love to test programs which are brought to my attention. I examined Bleachbit (which I had never previously heard of) All I could find Strictly IMHO, was a more complicated way of doing precisely what Ccleaner does.
Well, I note Joey didn't make any claims that Bleachbit was better, just that he preferred it.

While CCleaner has been around longer, I note Bleachbit is over 10 years old too and has been "tried" as well. So not sure that matters.

Personally, I think Bleachbit is for different audiences. Yes, it works on Windows, but Bleachbit is a "cross-platform" application that works with Linux and Mac systems too - something CCleaner does not do. That could be a major plus for some.

And clearly, Bleachbit's UI is less refined, more for the "hands-on" folks - again that may be a plus for more advanced users.

That said, I much "prefer" CCleaner too and I feel for most "Windows" users, CCleaner is the way to go. But I also feel for most "Windows" users, Windows own "Disk Cleanup" is more than adequate and it's already in there. In fact, if folks are looking to free up some disk space because it is getting critically low, Windows Disk Cleanup is the best solution. Why? Because it is counter-productive to download and install yet another program that takes up disk space when disk space is already critically low.
A new Version 5.56.7144 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released
CCleaner v5.56.7144

In this release, we have several improvements to the new Software Updater feature alongside improvements to IE/Edge cleaning.
Software Updater
  • Moved the Software Updater to the second slot in the ‘Tools’ menu
  • Stability improvements
  • Improved software identification
  • Added new software to the supported list
Browser Cleaning
  • Added additional database tables for IE & Edge cleaning
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Cookies to Keep' list was not saving correctly
  • Added application support for the Malay language
A new Version 5.57.7182 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.57.7182 (14 May 2019)
Easy Clean
- NEW! Simplified cleaning flow: ‘Easy Clean’
- Original ‘Cleaner’ renamed to ‘Custom Clean’

Software Updater
- Software Updater now confirms when there are no pending updates

Startup Management
- Added a new tab in ‘Startup’ to manage Windows Services

Settings & Preferences
- Added ‘preferred home screen’ setting (inherits preference from ‘cleaning results’ setting)

- Have made steps to address the ‘Error opening file for writing’ bug by improving termination of existing CCleaner processes prior to install
A new version 5.58.7209 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.58.7209 (06 Jun 2019)
Easy Clean
- Fixed a bug that was causing Easy Clean to disappear from the navigation menu

Browser Cleaning
- Fixed an issue that prevented the cleaning of Chrome's Download History

- Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is no longer offered in CCleaner
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A new version, v5.59.7230, of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.59.7230 (25 Jun 2019)
Easy Clean
- Fixed a bug that prevented Easy Clean from being shown correctly to a small percentage of users

Software Updater
- Fixed a DPI display bug in the upgrade window

- Inserted additional translations into the installer
A new version, v5.60.7307, of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.60.7307 (16 Jul 2019)
Browser Cleaning
- Improved the Flash cleaning rules in Chrome, Opera & CCleaner Browser

CCleaner Browser
- Added Smart Cleaning & Easy Clean support

Software Updater
- Fixed a disappearing text bug
- Fixed a navigational bug
A new Version 5.61.7392 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.61.7392 (20 Aug 2019)
Windows Cleaning
- Added cleaning for Windows 10 clipboard history

- Improved translations for: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Slovak, Swedish and Turkish
- Stability improvements
A new Version 5.62.7538 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.62.7538 (03 Oct 2019)
In this release, we have enhanced Microsoft Outlook cleaning and are testing some feature and installer improvements.

- Added cleaning for recent searches in Microsoft Outlook

Feature Preview
- Some users of CCleaner will be able to preview the next iteration of our Easy Clean feature. We will fully roll out this feature in the coming weeks

- We have listened to your feedback and are testing improvements to the presentation of product offers during installation
People on this forum still using Ccleaner after being bought out by Avast and the privacy issues?

I used to use Speccy by them, all the time back in the day when I built PCs. And it was a great little tool.

Anyway just curious what the community here thinks about Ccleaner now a days with Windows 10 being so much better than the WinXP days when Crap Cleaner originally came out, etc.
I still use CCleaner and l have unchecked a few option boxes and not getting privacy issues.

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I did like it being the one stop way to clean everything out on my computer. Hm, I might give it another shot?
A new Version v5.64.7613 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released.
Release notes
v5.64.7613 (03 Mar 2020)
This release includes a brand new feature, plus lots of user-focused improvements and changes. On top of that, we now support Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser.

We really value our users’ feedback, which is why we’ve set up a new Ideas Board. To help shape the future of CCleaner and submit suggestions for what you’d like to see next, head over to to take part in the conversation!

Introducing… ‘Health Check’
- Health Check brings together CCleaner’s most popular tools in a new user-friendly interface to help users to easily maintain their PC
- In just a few clicks, users of any technical ability can clean, update and disable unnecessary startup apps in one go, to save space and boost speed, privacy and security
- Health Check replaces Easy Clean, following feedback from users on how it could be enhanced

Edge Chromium & browser cleaning improvements
- Added full support for Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser
- Fixed a bug in Google Earth cache cleaning
- If requested, CCleaner can now disable ‘Preloading’ in old Edge (allows complete cleaning)

User-friendly improvements to installer offers
- Offers for Avast and CCleaner products are now presented in a separate step in the installer
- Offers for Avast and CCleaner products are no longer checked by default

Farewell to Windows XP & Vista (;_;)
- Version 5.64.7577 is the final planned build for Windows XP and Vista
- This version will only receive critical security updates
- Read our FAQs for further information and assistance

Other minor improvements
- Improved country embargo checks to reduce false positives
- Fixed a UI bug in Scheduling interface
- Fixed a bug where ‘OK’ button missing from some dialogue messages
- Removed Google Plus from the ‘About’ screen
I did , very carefully, work through the options, but bottom line, it did disrupt a couple of things which Windows 10 wasn't too happy about - Word pad. my favourite for notes, for example, went haywire and took abut ten minutes to open!
I don't use any of the automatic cleaning features so I cannot comment on them. But the new CC update went fine. And after davehc's comment about WordPad (which I use a lot instead of Notepad too), I tried it after cleaning with CC and it popped right open with no problems - this was on two different PCs and a notebook here. So I can only suggest there might have been an issue with your WordPad Dave, and not CC breaking it.

I do NOT like the Health Check feature at all! One of the things that sets CC apart from the "gimmicky" (and often reckless or even malicious) "optimization" programs that promise to make our computers better than new and perform other miracles is it would not find all sorts of "problems" then prompt you to pay extra to fix them. Well that is exactly what Health Check is doing. In my case on this machine, it found 1 problem with my Security but it is locked and I need to buy the CC Pro version to "Unlock Now" to fix it. :ergh:

That gimmick to scare users into paying to fix their systems is one of those things that causes CC to be lumped together with all Registry cleaners and other optimization programs - applying their bad reputations onto CC. :( Too many times do I spend seemingly hours defending CC simply because other posters insist "all registry cleaners are bad and they will brick your computers". :ohno:FTR, I have used CC registry cleaner probably more than a 1000 times on dozens if not more than 100 computers and never, not once, has it brick one. At worse, a simple reboot cleared any hiccup.

Now I will say this about the Heath Check Security finding on this machine. It is displaying the problem but very faintly. It is so faint on my display I almost missed it. It shows that 1 problem is my 7-Zip program is out of date. I have version 18.1 and the latest is 19.0. So I am glad I can see what needs to be fixed so I can up date it manually. But not sure I would call that a security issue here. If it found one my security programs or the OS itself was out of date, that would be merit reporting.

Anyway, I gripe, but I still thing CC is one of those must have utility programs and I will continue to install and use it on all my systems. And while I appreciate the fact the company must make money to pay their developers, and while I do understand the marketing concept that "New and Improved" sells, I just with they would stop trying to fix something that ain't broke and stop adding features people don't need that just add bloat.
Ok. I must take back my Ccleaner criticism. I think the problem may have been with a faulty update from MS. It was a while ago I gave up on Wordpad. I tried it again, after reading digirati’s post — Now working perfectly. Great news - My favourite word processor. ,!!
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