Windows 7 Change Icon of .exe (not ONLY Firefox)


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There are MANY Threads around the Internet, how to change Icons:
Change shortcut icons,
change folder icons,
change windows icons (for a specific file like jpg).

But what I want to change, is a icon of a .exe.
Strange, that I can't find anything about that.
Everyone is explaining about shortcuts! +o(

Yeah, why I need to change a exe icon is because when I put the shortcut it to my taskbar it looks good with the new icon, but when I click on it, Windows sees that it's not the program. Then I have my shortcut in my taskbar and the program, that just started, so two different things.
With Chrome everything work, but with several programs like Waterfox, Explorer etc. just don't work!
Is there any tweak I can use to change it?
Or maybe a reg-edit where I can say Windows not to check, if the shortcut is the program itsself?

BTW: Why are there these MSN-icons? +o(:devil_smile:


PS: I already had an account on this forum, but the "forgot password" thingy says I never got one with this email...strange.
PS 2: Sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm still learning english :rolleyes:

Hello Lesik,
to Windows 7 Forums,

Sorry for the much delayed response, as you placed this in a Non-Support forum which many members do and as a result, the threads tend to get overlooked.
So, on to your question and hopefully I will have the answer as I, myself, have changed many program icons to my liking, including FF, IE and a few others.

First, whatever program in the taskbar you wish to change, you must first unpin it from the taskbar.
Then, click the "Start Orb", then "All Programs", then click on say FF for example, this will expand the folder showing you the exe. which you will right click on that and select "Properties", with that window open, select "Change icon" and change to your liking.
When your done then pin it back to your taskbar.
You can do this with any program.
To change icons for Recycle, My Computer, Control Panel etc; go to Start Orb\Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\click on "Change the theme", in the left navigation pane click on "Change desktop icons"
This should get what you want to do.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for your answer. Sorry for posting wrong.
The Recycle, My Computer etc. icons are allright.
But since I posted this I upgraded (or should I say downgraded :tongue:) to Windows 8.
When I change the icon of Firefox, it usually is that icon, but on taskbar, the firefox has another icon.
Now it works :) Thanks for your help.
I use this Firefox version. But it's pretty much the same with Firefox.

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