Windows 11 Help, I messed up again.


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May 25, 2009
I can never leave well enough alone, I always want to know what clicking on this or that does.
This time I'm talking about the panel that comes up when you click on the Connection Icon on the right side of the taskbar.

This time I clicked on a Checkbox next to my internet connection.
I think it was already checked, so I unchecked it.

When I did this, it disappeared.
When I click on the Icon on the taskbar now it doesn't show my connection or any others.
Only Airplane Mode, Nightlight, and Accessibility across the top of the panel.

How do I turn it back on?
I've looked in settings but if it's there I don't recognize it.

Second, why did it just start snowing on my monitor? It does seem to be only on this web page.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


PS, the connection is still working fine, it just doesn't show.
PS, where it said Disagreed, it was supposed to say Disappeared. I hope will find someone who knows the answer to this.

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Hi again,

I finally figured it out. I found something called Edit quick settings and there were little "pinned" icons on all the items.
That is what I had unpinned and when I clicked on Wi-Fi there it showed my Connection.
I repined it, and it popped up, it also showed that my connection was turned off.

I reconnected and it's all back to normal.
Maybe I'll stop losing my connection every night now.

I don't know what I was connected to, I don't recognize the title, but it said XFSetup and some numbers after it.


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hay you learned something today... thats better than most Windows 11 users can say