Windows 8 changing the size of text


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I changed the text size from default to 250%.the change happened on the first page of a website but when you went to a second or third page of that website the text was back to the default size which was smaller.why doesn't the change happen on the 2 or 3 page?i did not have this problem with windows 7.
ive changed the resolution and it doesn't matter what the resolution is the second or third page of a website is still small.its happening on which is a game site.the first page on pogo is ok.when you go to a table to play a game the text gets smaller.
Just curious......
How did to change text size ?
Did you do it this way ?
Open IE10 ( assuming you use IE10)> menu bar, View >
either select Zoom, and increase the %, or
select Text size, and select Large to Largest.