Cheapest copy of Windows 7 to install on new computer without OS???

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by RainWIzard24, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    Just bought a new desktop without an OS. The exact same system was £100 (I'm in the U.K by the way) more expensive. And after doing some research, I discovered you could get Windows 7 for around £70. So I figured I'd save a bit of money, seeing as I'm on a tight budget.

    But whilst browsing the net, just before ordering a copy of Windows, I came across a number of cheaper OEM versions etc. My initial thought was that it probably wasn't a good idea to buy anything other than the distribution copy. Mainly because most of the OEM copies were available on Ebay, Amazon or some other dodgy retailer. But anyway, I just wondered what other people thought?

    If I am to buy the full retail copy, where is the cheapest place to buy? Also, which version is best and why? I.e, Professional, Home Premium, etc, etc???

    And finally, just to clarify, if I do get Windows 7, it'll just be because it's the cheapest way to get the free upgrade to Windows 10. Am I right in thinking I can do that yeah?

    Any advice or information would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    if your intention is to only buy windows 7 to upgrade then buy the oem copy. Unfortunately regardless of what type of licence you have pre upgrade the windows 10 upgrade licence is oem only and tied to the machine you upgraded on. So even if you bought a full retail version after the upgrade it will only be an oem licence.

    If you can afford it get the windows pro version as this is what you'll get when upgrading (windows 10 pro).

    I forgot to mention, when your ready to upgrade, download the media creation tool found on this page:
    Windows 10

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