Trouble installing Windows 7 on new computer

You wouldn't believe the fistpump I had when it finally made it past that one screen. Pure joy.

It's rare for memory that needs higher voltage to disable an install like it did for you. Usually instead and because of that, the result is bsods happening once to desktop in Windows components (drivers.)

If that would have happened to you, one of the first things I would have probably told you is to check the voltage, since you wouldn't have had time to install all junk like antivirus or Daemon Tools which can cause bsods. It would have been fairly obvious that memory was the issue. Even when Memtesting and errors are shown, I always say check the voltage and run again - before any returns are requested from manufacturer (RMA).

In any case, I'm very glad for you and that your issue is fixed!!! Seeing your reply above makes me happy for a moment, for real. :)

Enjoy the new hardware!

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[lang=ro]Azi mi-am achizitionat un laptop ASUS K52N si am incercat sa instalez windows 7 pe el. Totul bine pana aproape de sfarsit dupa ce se bifeaza ultima casuta si in mod normal trebuie doar sa mai astept apare o eroare care imi spune ca nu poate instala pe acest hardware. Am incercat de mai multe ori. Ce ar putea fi?[/lang]

[langtitle=ro]Re: Trouble installing Windows 7 on new computer[/langtitle]

Please contact me


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Re: [langtitle=ro]Re: Trouble installing Windows 7 on new computer[/langtitle]

Is this a clean install, or over the top of Vista? Have you tried removing any unnecessary devices you can, and possibly disabling certain devices in the bios? You might also unplug your internet connection.

If you only have the ability to boot to an Install DVD you might try using the Repair my computer option and go to the command prompt. Or possibly hit Shift + F10. This Microsoft link describes some of the log files that might be present you could copy to another location for viewing. If you could do this, the problem should be near the end of the log file.

You might also, just for fun, try going to the same area to repair your computer and selecting a Startup Repair instead of the command prompt, if it will allow this.

I did not look, but how old is the computer, and how much space did you give the Windows 7 partition?

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