CHKDSK in win7 after install win10


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Windows 10 proactively scans all disks. So it would appear it keeps flagging the Windows 7 as dirty. Have you tried manually running a full chkdsk on the Win 7 drive and also run a drive fitness test on the Windows 7 drive. chkdsk /f /r <drive in question>

What difference should it give if i manually run chkdsk ?
The chkdsk runs every time after i used win10 , and it's take 30 minutes untill it is finished and it needs to repare lots off "damaged kernelrecords"
I got a list of actions true "winnit" but the list is vey long and in dutch.
I am a little bit afraid that one time chkdsk won't be able to repare the damaged parts.
If i don't use win10 i have never problems like that.


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Hallo Fred,

Wat een puzzel! En je hebt weer gelijk. Als W7 op schijf 2 eerst CHKDSK nodig heeft, moet op een van de partities van die schijf bestanden open zijn blijven staan toen W10 afsloot.
(het is toch CHKDSK op schijf 2?)

Misschien kun je uitvogelen welke partitie door in W10 stuk voor stuk de driveletters te verwijderen van de partities op schijf 2.

Houd vol, wij gaan het vinden.
Hi Fred,

What a puzzle! And you are right again. If W7 on disk 2 first needs CHKDSK then one of the partitions of that disk must have files that where not closed properly on shutdown of W10.
(it is CHKDSK on disk2, is not it?)

Perhaps you can figure out which partition by removing in W10 one by one the drive letter of the partitions on disk 2.

And we shall find it.


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