Insider Preview Christmas is coming


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I would like to wish all the regular users an enjoyable Christmas. Put the negative thoughts behind for a few days and enjoy . Come back ready to struggle with the next build release.




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I love it all - being a Christian and a self-confessed and proud geek, but with five Carol Services, one Crib Service, one Christingle, four Midnight masses (with some license on the term "midnight to make em physically possible!), three Christmas Day Communion Services (and whatever else I may have temporarily forgotten) Windows will definitely be on the back burner for a few days. Happy Christmas folks!


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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a crash free, New Year!

Michael, Mary, Oliver, Rosie, and Xena.

I did this many years ago, and some of the pet names have changed since then, but the message remains the same.


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Christmas day is here! at least down under... merry christmas guys now I have to go cook a ham.


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Wishing everyone of all faiths a Very Merry Holiday Season and hope that the New Year finds you all, healthy, well and fit.
Best wishes