Windows 7 Clean install Or Upgrade only

Any other HD's attached to the pc at the time?

I am now not so sure and have sent you a message concerning this issue.

I don't know about query.. but I am wondering how/why my rep power jumped from one little green dot to a whole row... did someone die and leave me in their will ? Was I finally "discovered" or did I find a bug?

Is there a query here?
Hi Drew, yes, I have a question here. I sent a rather long private message to SIW2 but I guess they are busy and I can no longer access the full question, however I will attempt to abreviate here.
I stated I did a clean install on a clean drive, however I am now wondering something. I used XP disk to partition the drive in 3 partitions and then format the C: partition. When it was complete I turned the computer off so Windows would not load (at least that was the thought). I am now wondering if some small portion of Windows may have been stored on the C: partition even though I turned power off right at the end of the format routine and if so would that have been sufficient for Windows 7 to allow a clean install on what I thought was a clean drive?
Please advise

Sorry for the confusion.
Yes, I was using XP to partition and format the drive then I powered down right at 100 percent of Format routine.
I was thinking maybe XP put some small portion of itself on the drive possibly that Windows 7 might have recognized and allowed it to do a clean install from boot up even though it was an Upgrade Version. SIW2 stated they did not think this would occur (xp putting some small portion of the load on the drive).
So that leaves me with the fact I put the Windows 7 disk in, booted up and did a clean install, did not enter the CD Key, did not check Activate box, and did not check the update Windows when load is completed. Windows 7 installed perfectly then I clicked on the Activate routine, entered the CD Key and activated successfully online.
Yes, Microsoft will probably put a patch in there updates like they did on Vista but if you uncheck the Update box and Activate box while it is installing Windows 7 the patch will not be there to interfere (at least on the version that is out now).
I know this can lead some to by the Upgrade version at a cheaper price but that is not what I did as I have XP SP2 and Vista Ultimate Upgrade.


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Why don't you just try it? Pop in the 7 disc and see what happens. A year ago I did the same thing, only with a Win 98 disc and an XP/64 bit disc. I stopped the install of Win 98 after it formatted the drive by shutting down the computer. I then booted up, hit the Pause button, inserted the XP disc and was able to install the OS with no problems.
I went this route because my computer refused to boot from the XP disc for some reason, but it would boot on a formatted hard drive. Apparently, it didn't care what disc was used to do the formatting.
Hope this helps.

$99 is for Upgrade. Just go w/ a Full Version. Simplest, best & most cost efficient approach, in your scenario.

That's right, but i feel it's a little expensive:redface:

That's right, but i feel it's a little expensive:redface:
They've already did something sneaky at Microsoft. I just installed my Win 7 upgrade on my computer with my OEM Vista on it. When it came time to enter the product key, the install wouldn't accept it, I had to call Win 7 support to get them to verify the key number (after they had me get into dxdiag and type a code number).
They required this even though I did a clean install over a legitimate copy of Vista. I don't know what would happen if you tried to put your Win 7 upgrade on a totally clean hard drive (without having a copy of Vista or XP on it). If you have your old XP install disc, you can try to install that on your hard drive and then do a clean install with your Win 7 upgrade.

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