Windows 7 Clean Up.


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Hi Kyle
Can't understand your post on Photoshop CS4 -- I installed the extended version without a hitch on both X-32 and X-64 systems --works like a DREAM compared with VISTA - I'm running this on a Laptop where I've chucked out the 2 X 1GB Ram cards and installed 2 X 2GB (4GB). Windows update still working FINE.

BTW I'm a Professional Photographer and LOADS of people on a photography forum ( Specialized in Canon - Nikon SLR Cameras, Forum, Photoshop Plugins, Actions, Reviews, Hosting and Digital Darkroom) are using Windows 7. Since especially for Pro shooters Photoshop is probably the most widely used imaging program on the planet I think there would be some serious concerns if there were any serious problems with it. I use it DAILY and apart from some very specialized 3rd party plugins I've had not a squeak of bother with Photoshop.

Here's a screen shot of what I've installed on W7 and a screenshot of CS4 running -- at the bottom right of the image you can see the Windows 7 marker

What DOESN'T work is Alcohol 52% - you keep getting the install screen over and over again after request for re-boot. The problem is something to do with the "Virtual SCSI" interface Alcohol is trying to use so you can mount a virtual CD image.
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Thanks for the screenshot. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has that weirdness in Photoshop CS4 above the buttons at the top right when running on W7. I wonder if there is some way to correct that, or if we'll simply have to wait months for an official compatible update?

Either way, I suppose the important thing is that I, too, run CS4 on W7, and yet I have not experienced any issues with Windows Update or anything else since. Is Standalone a separate version or something of which I am not aware?

Hi there - until you mentioned it I never even noticed these buttons.
I've also never heard of a "Stand alone" version. I just downloaded the trial from the Adobe site and after testing for a few days paid for an upgrade license. It runs just fine (and even Bridge is better as well).

BTW if you are running on 64 bit and want the RAW update for the latest cameras don't forget to update the adobe RAW in both the plugin libraries (x-86 and program files).

I installed the entire MAster Collection of the Adobe MAster Collection and have faced no problems as of yet.
It's the standalone version you get via adobe if you buy it and ask for the disk.
It's not the trial or Master Collection.
& It doesn't work, and cripples Windows Update.
I know this, because AS SOON as it started installing, I got an error saying Windows Update Service had stopped, and now that service is gone. It's irreversible, and pretty much pissed me off.