Windows 10 Clicking on 'Search the web and Windows' does not work

Hello guys.

I installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago and generally paid no attention to it as I was busy playing videogames. I checked to see what I could do just yesterday and I am pretty frustrated as when I click on Search the web and Windows, nothing shows us and it's just that the default grey screen is lighted up abit.

Now, there are 3 icons: The Windows icon (START menu), Magnifying Glass (search the web and Windows) and a square with two other smaller squares beside it. (which allows us to make desktops and things.)
The one that lst us make desktops and things works perfectly fine, but the Windows icon and Magnifying Glass icon does not work at all, when I click it, it does absolutely nothing.
Oh and just to let you know as an extra information, I have a search engine hijacker that I do not have any memory of downloading, and that I can't remove it because I cannot use my Windows or Search button.

Please help, thanks.


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For searching your computer, I'd recommend installing Agent Ransack, it's far better then the Windows search engine.
For searching online I do it from my browser, but Cortana does do a decent job on my computer.
I've used it for years through many versions of Windows, and it's Free!

Agent Ransack - Download

One thing to look at is, are you logging in with your Microsoft account?
Some functions (like Cortana) related to the web are not active if you aren't on your MS account.


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