Com surrogate multiplies with desktop icons

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    I am working on a computer that has com surrogate multiplying and eating up huge amounts of ram, but only when there are desktop icons. I remove all desktop icons (move everything to a different folder) and have no problem. I don't have the problem with a Diagnostic boot but do with no startup items.

    Virus and Malware checks come back clean.

    Ideas or other things I should check?
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    It should be the dllhost.exe. You can check the situation through Task Manager = press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously, choose Task Manager - it'll show you various processes and how much they take.

    The easiest way to start to solve could be to install CCleaner, and run it with default values. It may help, or not. I recommend NOT to delete that .exe, as it is a crucial part of Windows. You may get a bad malfunction.

    Preferably, run CCleaner in Safe Mode > press F8 repeatedly when Windows starts = after POST = the main info of your computer - this may take a few times to try, as everything tends to go very fast. If you miss the options for Safe Mode, and end with Windows, just restart. And, CCleaner can also be run via Windows, no problem.

    Your Antivirus / Security programs may be a part of this. Which do you run?

    You don't have any software to control or manage your desktop icons?
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