Comming from Windows 7 but License NOK


I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Home. I don't know what happened today, my windows is not activated...

The problem is, that it's a desktop PC and is used by each family member. I see Office and it look like my brother has tried to illegally "activate" Office instead of using my own license...

I think my license is gone, and wonder how can I restore it ? I don't want to use these tools.

Thank you


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Which version of Office and do you have your license or know where you purchased?


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Who has the Administrator account on your computer? You or your brother. Or both of you??

You can use WINKEYFINDER or MAGIC JELLY BEAN both free via google search to locate your existing Office key. Which version of Office do you have; for example: Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016 or older?

These tools will let you recover your key easily! Find either your Office install media (DVD disc or USB stick) or find the activation E-mail from the online purchaser and choose reinstall/repair/change your Office by accessing the Programs and Features in windows Control Panel. Windows will ask you which office program or all office programs you want to install/modify/reactivate from there. You'll need to have the install media or the install files unzipped to a folder on your C: drive wherever your Windows 10 lives to do this.

If this fails to work; you most likely contracted a virus/malware from the illegal download site your brother visited when he tried to upgrade the Office. Scan with your built-in antivirus, antispyware, internet security, or firewall programs; and let your AV programs detect/remove any found viruses/malware/spyware. As a final step, we recommend you download and install the free MALWAREBYES from; scan/remove any detected spyware viruses. Repair or reinstall your Office using the key you found above. It should now work! :up:

If your Office still doesn't activate properly, you need more in depth troubleshooting tools, and it will require a BACKUP OF ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA (FOR ALL USERS INCLUDING YOUR BROTHER'S TO EXTERNAL MEDIA BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE REPAIRS!!

At this point try the following:
Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
Take a look at my POST #6; it's also linked to another post of mine which will help you further.

Lastly, I'd recommend that if you are the owner of this computer with the Office on it, that you DEMOTE your brother's account type to "STANDARD" rather than "ADMINSTRATOR" if he has that same privilege as you do!;) This will limit his ability to install/modify/remove programs on your computer without you being there or your express permission.:hand: If you and he own that computer jointly, I suggest you buy him out and keep that computer just for you, and make him go buy his own computer if he's going to mess around with yours and make extra work for you!!:skull: The best security is PHYSCIAL SECURITY, and If you have or buy a laptop; take it with you whenever you leave your house, or lock it in a floor-safe that he does not have the combo to. If he can't touch it-he can't mess it up!!:)

Best of luck,:encouragement:

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We have only one user for all the family, s I presume it's the Admin account. I have a license for Office 2013 but I don't care about Office... The problem is now with Windows 10...

This tool tried to rechange my legitimate Windows 10 HOME license to a illegitimate W10 Pro (that I don't want to have ...) Now I am looking to restore my standard free license key generated by Microsoft freely when I updated from Win7 ...

How Can I restore this key ? I think I have to format on Win7 and then upgrade to Win 10 again :(


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Your Windows 7 and 10 key are the same one, so you will need to locate the license key that came with the system. Usually it will be with instructions that came with the computer or on the computer itself on a sticker. Once you have that open a command prompt and type slui 3 in the window that pops up enter the license key.


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What tool did you use and what website exactly did you get it from? It sounds like you used a non-Microsoft ISO file for the install media.
This is the link for the authorized MEDIA CREATION TOOL (MCT) available directly on Microsoft's website here: Windows 10

Since you've already attempted the W10 upgrade, and it's successful more or less even if it installed the wrong version of W10, it's quite possible your W7 license key was Activated, converted, and stored on the Microsoft Activation Servers. To check this, use the MCT tool link above to create bootable DVD or USB install media, perform a Clean Install onto your existing hard drive. ENSURE YOU HAVE ANY AND ALL PERSONAL DATA BACKED UP TO EXTERNAL MEDIA BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS, AS THIS INSTALL WILL ERASE (WIPE OUT) ALL DATA FILES AND PROGRAMS ON THIS HARD DRIVE!!

*VERY IMPORTANT!!: Make sure to run the WINDOWS10 COMPATIBILITY TEST when you first begin installing the W10 clean install to check for incompatibilities with your old hardware/apps/drivers. Here's a link to the instructions on how to do so:
Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

If this doesn't give you a same-to-same W10 Home from W7 Home, then your W10 install media was not created correctly or you didn't properly use it. It's probably a good idea to create and test the W10 bootable install media on a different computer than the one you are attempting to upgrade, such as a family member's laptop or a friend's PC. This should take care of the problem. :up: If not, I suggest you take your computer to your local repair shop and pay to get the Upgrade done. Since today is the last day to get the W10 free upgrade, that's probably not going to happen as all the shops *like mine* are jamming with last minute "me-too" upgraders trying to get the free deal before it expires!!:insanity:

Lastly, if and when you get your W10 upgrade to run correctly, I strongly suggest you read my Post #3 again. Using one Admin level account for all your family members *especially your brother*, is like leaving a loaded gun on your kitchen table!!o_O Not a very smart idea. Create "standard" level users for your brother, and other adult family members, and enable the built-in GUEST account for use by any kids (under 18) in your family.:lightbulb: I'd also recommend you use a strong parental control program in addition to controlling account security using Microsoft's accounts, such as K9 parental control software.:lightbulb: It's free to download and use, and works great; even for a 12-year old! Remember that kids have computers today in school, and they learn from their classmates how to defeat security on computers at a very young age. One 8-year old kid was arrested not too long ago for trying to hack into the DoD military computers.:eek: Kids are way smarter on this stuff than you think they are.;) A word to the wise.


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Maybe I am not explaining myself good. This "Hacktool" nammed KMS put a new key that it's not legitimate... I want my own one, I get a free Digital entitlement by microsoft when I updated from W7.

Look here: Digital Entitlement Activation Method in Windows 10

Is it possible?


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No, I understand the problem completely.:nerdie: You can reset your W10 back to W7 that came on your computer within 30 days of the W10 upgrade attempt; failed or otherwise. Use the 2 tools I suggested to you WINKEYFINDER or MAGIC JELLY BEAN, mentioned back on POST #3 above to get your key. Re-run the upgrade using the MCT tool I referred you to use. Run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST. When the W10 upgrade is running you can skip entering your product key. When the W10 upgrade completes, you can go to Windows Activation, and then Activate it using your found product key (the 25 or 26 character alphanumeric you enter on your keyboard into the box). Once activated; your W10 will be good to go permanently including after today (July 30th-->forever)! As long as your upgrade succeeded like-to-like version as already discussed (W7 Home to W10 Home) you are good to go.:up:

If your hard drive ever crashes, you can replace it, and do a Clean Install using the DVD or USB bootable media you created above for your W10 upgrade, install W10 onto the new hard drive, connect it to the Internet, and Microsoft Activation servers will remember your key (In case you lose or misplace it) and your W10 will be automatically activated once again for THAT SPECIFIC COMPUTER ONLY!

That's all there is to it.:up: If you are having difficulty wrapping your head around this process, I suggest again that you consider taking your computer to your local repair shop and pay a licensed Tech to do the W10 upgrade for you and fix your problem.



Omg !! Yesterday I Clean the pc via Clean Disk default tool, so now i can't even go back to Win 7!!!
What is wrong with me ! :( sh*t :(

What can I do now ?!

PS: Malwarebyte detecte this one: "K M Sauto Net Hacktool" and removed it

PS2: This is the reslut via Magical Jelly Bean:

Windows 10 Pro
Product Part No.: [TH]X19-9
Installed from 'Volume' media.
Product ID: 00331-10000-00001-AA355 match to CD Key data
CD Key: ...(HIDDEN)...-4J6C9-T83GX <--- it look like a pregenerated key, I can find it on google !!
Computer Name: Johnny-PC
Registered Owner: Johnny
Registered Organization:

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Well you certainly have a challenge ahead of you if you decide to try and fix it yourself now. :worry: Magic Jelly Bean shows your W10 edition to be W10 Pro not home so that's probably not going to work. What I would do is follow my instructions above and create the MCT tool with bootable media (DVD or USB stick) and attempt to do a Clean Install on your PC to W10 Home. If that works, then you're good to go! :up: The problem is that if you don't try this by the end of today, July 29th, that is the deadline for the end of the free W10 Trial update (midnight 12:00PM tonight), you can still upgrade your PC, but you'll have to pay full price to Activate it!! :waah: Retail price for W10 Home is $119; you can get it cheaper from about $80-$110 if you look around online.:)

Since it doesn't sound like you have factory Recovery media (DVD disc or USB stick) for the W7 that you originally had installed on that PC, your better off just trying to install the free update today per my instructions and hope that the MS Activation Servers stored the correct key for your exact computer. If it does, the Clean Install will work for you as long as you get it done today. :pray: If you don't read this message tomorrow, you are probably out of luck is my guess on getting the free W10 update. :(

You'll still be able to upgrade your PC to W10 after July 29th, but it's going to cost you money. :cash: Make sure when you buy the download or retail boxed W10 software you get the correct version; Home vs. Pro, and pay attention to the details; some W10's come with ONLY 32bit media OR 64bit; others come with both. You'll need to check your computer paperwork to see which you have. Of course that will save you money, since the editions that come with both 32bit and 64bit are the most expensive. Knowing whether your PC is 32bit or 64bit before you purchase your W10 can save you some $$.:cash:



I just finished the download with the MCT tool but I wonder if I can still do a clean install WITHOUT erasing my data???

I don't want to wait tomorrow :(

@BIGBEARJEDI I reinstalled Windows 10 from the downloaded one (on your link) and after 2 hours on installation, ... I still see this:

Windows 10 Pro is not activate: Error code 0xC004F074 .

I tried to click on Activate but it's not working :(


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Did you select W10 Pro from the option screen on the MCT installer program screen? It gives you a choice of either W10 Home OR W10 Pro as discussed previously. If you selected W10 HOME, and it failed but still shows the W10 PRO version, then you've got a bigger problem here.

Per my instructions in POST #6 & POST #8, did you remember to run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST during the initial part of the W10 install?
If not, you should repeat your install, wipe the drive and run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST as instructed. Post back your result.

Follow the instructions from the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST REPORT, and remove any apps, drivers, or hardware such as extra storage drives internal and external (USB), and printers, webcams, scanners, trackballs, etc. Attempt the reinstall. Post back your result.

At this point, you could be experiencing some kind of hardware failure. :headache: Did you test your RAM memory sticks and Hard Drive per the linked posts I gave you? :question: If this testing is too much work, you can purchase a new hard drive from your local computer store of similar capacity and swap the new drive out with your old one, reinstall, run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST, follow the instructions. Post back your result.

What would be helpful at this point is to get the EXACT specs on your computer so we can analyze your hardware and make some better recommendations that are specific to your exact model computer. Please post all hardware specs, including Make/Model of your computer. If a desktop PC or a laptop/table? If it's a self-built PC or a desktop PC? If a self-built or custom-built PC, please post make/model of your PSU and the wattage. This may require you to open the case up and look at the PSU label, if you don't have the paperwork around. If you don't have them or can't find them or don't know how to do this, go to and download the free SPECCY diagnostic. Install SPECCY, and post back the resulting output text file back here to this thread so we can analyze.

It's important to note that now that you've passed the deadline date of July 29th the free upgrade will no longer work; so only the W10 clean install is an option. And to Activate the W10 now, you'll have to pay Microsoft for a W10 license key. Retail is $119 for W10 Home and $199 for W10 Pro. You can find these for $80-$205 online if you shop around.

BBJ :nerdie:

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