Comparing 32-bit to 64-bit Windows 7 for Business Use


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Among the factors to consider, as companies ponder Windows 7 migrations, is whether to run a 32 bit or 64 bit version of the operating system. IT Expert Voice looks at the reasons why and what companies are saying about their intentions to adopt each version

Business Use guys


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Nice post, and as the owner of a small business (30-40 people) I can say that I have installed a "break in" system to let employees get a feel for the new OS.
Of course it was the 32 bit version for compatibility reasons. They all seem to like it and are on a volunteer basis for the upgrade for 6 months. Then it's mandatory for obvious reasons.
A small but simple plan, no matter the version, can save your employees from feeling pushed. Letting them learn at a slow pace has worked very well for me.
Decisions as to whether the 64 or 32 version will be our final OS will remain on the wayside for now. Upcoming tests and reliability will make a part in my final decision.


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Thanks, I was hoping it would help someone.

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