Compute in Confidence with Windows System File Integrity Checker


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Jul 22, 2005
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Windows system files are the core files of the operating system that allow the user to interact with the operating system, and allow the operating system to function properly for the user. Windows users depend on the core Windows system files to be free of malware, corruption, and other maladies which would prevent the proper use of the Windows operating system. There is a way to check the integrity of these files fairly easily, and in this segment, I discuss the history of the Windows System File Integrity Checker, or sfc.exe. This utility has evolved over the years and has become a staple for many technicians worldwide. I also provide a demonstration that runs System File Checker.

To ensure that your core system files are free of maladies, run an elevated command prompt with administrator privileges:

sfc /scannow
This is a follow-up to a great thread created by cybercore: [url][/URL]
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