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    Photo App Album File Location

    I love the new Windows 10 Photo Album and I want to be able to backup the album file. (Not export the album pictures into a folder) But the file that contains the list of pictures and videos of what is in the album. But I cannot find it anywhere on my Computer. The reason for this is that I...
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    Can not delete file

    I have a file in a directory called "footer." This file was evidently created by some software I have. All my attempts to delete this file come back with: "Could Not Find some_long_path\footer." Yet the file shows both in Explorer and when I type "dir" from a command window. In Explorer the...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot delete file, cannot take ownership, cannot even read permissions !

    There are a lot of threads on files or directories with access or deletion troubles, but this problem seems a little different, because apparently even the machine Administrator doesn't have Read permission on this file. In Windows 8.1, I created this .avi file and something went wrong when...
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