Powershell to download file from Gdrive


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I need to download excel file from my Gdrive account with current date as filename and save it at specific folder when computer starts.

I tried from internet but could not succeed. Kindly guide me



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Authenticated or via a shareable link? The later would be pretty simple. The former can be fairly difficult with Powershell since you'd have to handle oAuth


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Hey try this, I haven't fully tested it, but yes it needs to be a shareable link:

# Prompt the user for the Google Drive file ID or URL
$idOrUrl = Read-Host "Enter the Google Drive file ID or URL"

# Extract the file ID from the URL if necessary
if ($idOrUrl -match "/d/([^/]+)/") {
    $fileId = $matches[1]
else {
    $fileId = $idOrUrl

# Construct the download URL
$url = "https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=$fileId"

# Prompt the user for the folder path where they want to save the downloaded file
$folderPath = Read-Host "Enter the folder path where you want to save the file"

# Define the filename with the current date
$filename = "myfile_$(Get-Date -Format 'yyyy-MM-dd').xlsx"

# Combine the folder path and filename
$filePath = Join-Path $folderPath $filename

# Download the file using the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $filePath

Its going to output everything as .xlsx so be prepared to change the script if you need to change the filename. It can only do one Gdrive URL at a home at the moment. Feel free to use this script or modify as needed.

Save as whatever.ps1 and invoke from PowerShell with ./whatever.ps1

Remember: Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted and then turn it back on when done (for security reasons unless you're comfortable with it off)
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