Windows 8 computer cant find disk


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Aug 30, 2014
ok so for some reason my computer cant find this game when i try to play it. its Command&Conquer The First Decade. i HAVE played it on the my computer before so its not that it cant run it and when i look for it under the computer folder it shows up so im pretty sure the computer know the disk is in there, yet it wont when i try to play it, it says Cannot locate the DVD-ROM. does any one have a fix for this. i tried reinstalling it but that didnt work either. can anyone help?
It's a pretty old game have you tried running it in compatibility mode?
Becuse you copied the install folder onto your system and installed it from there then the path will lead back to that folder instead of to the disc drive. I remember there was an issue with it and as far as I know the unofficial patch solved it… at least on my old windows xp game rig but it’s been some time since I have fired that sucker up.

The patch lives here:
Perhaps a simple query, but any scratches on the disc that might not have been there before?
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