Windows 7 Computer crashing alot

Liam Sullivan

New Member
hey my computer keeps crashing for some reason, there's no blue screens just everything completely freezes and the screen goes blank but not completely black and my music still plays but very slowly like stupidly. I have some dump files which i have no clue to find how to open them instantly without having to search for some program. Any tips on what to do, or what you need to diagnose this.
if you can just boot to a desktop, have you ran any cleanup utilities to weed out stuff, like ccleaner or wise disk cleaner 7, both freeware. What are you doing when it freezes?
You need a good diagnostic program and a system monitor. The monitor to check the system for heat. Try "speedfan" for system heat monitor. SpeedFan - CNET You can tell us the results and we can help you solve the problem. The symptoms sounds like heat. You can blow out the dust from the system with a can of compressed air. Most laptops suffer from heat problems A system should be cleaned every 6 mos from dust accumulation
Tell us the make and model of your system and we can find information on how to open and blow out the dust.