Computer fails to boot into windows after sp1 installation

i've had some issues installing sp1 (7 ultimate, latest windows updates) via windows update when the installation fails on a few different error codes, but i have gotten it to install a few times.

each time the installation finishes, i restart the computer when prompted and it goes through the update process when shutting down, then after the windows 7 splash screen ("starting windows") passes, the screen goes blank (black screen, no video- monitor displays "going to sleep" message) and the HDD light on the computer is lit solid.

i've left the computer sitting for hours with no change- i eventually get Windows to boot again by using the install disc to do a Windows restore, but i haven't been able to get past this yet.

does anyone know what might be causing this?

any help is greatly appreciated.


help anyone?

Hi there,

Once you complete the updating process then run a Startup Repair How to Run Startup Repair to Fix Boot Issues | Captain Debugger
i've tried doing this already with no success, but only after the first boot attempt was made after the sp1 update... does it make a difference if the startup repair is done before or after the first boot attempt is made?


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Since you did not state an error code, you might check this Microsoft site. This is specific for one error code only, so see if you have it.

I have not tried this process....

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If you have a USB keyboard or mouse replace it with a PS2 keyboard or mouse. I have clients where USB devices are causing boot problems with Win 7 SP1.

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