Computer is totally freaking out....


Over the past couple of weeks my compputer has gone from being slow and semi responsive to completely non responsive. It started with it not installing updates properly, and then progressed to the computer not shutting down at all. I managed to get a system restore to work eventually, and hoped that this would fix the problem but it hasn't.

The computer now not only doesn't turn off when you hit the shut down button (resulting in you having to manually power off and causing the computer to ask whether or not it should be started in safe mode because it was not shut down properly), but also freezes when it does eventually boot up, making it impossible to try and fix any errors that may have occured and also making it impossible to run any sort of virus scans....

I can get it to open up in safe mode, and have deleted all temp files. I am not really sure what to do from here, but any advice would be great. It is a Compaq Presario CQ57 Windows 7 32-bit operating system, I have had it just over two years. Is there anything I can do to get it to start working again, or is it gonna be a case of salvage what I can and toss it on the scrap heap?

Thanks in advance...


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I would start with Safemode with Networking support, and download, install and run Malwarebytes removing any infections found. I would then follow that up with the "sfc /scannow" command ran at an administrative privileged command prompt.

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