Windows 10 freaking out

I have a number or problems with Windows 10. I just did the upgrade from Windows 7.
1. The login screen freezing up.
I got this to work by luck. You have 5 to 10 seconds to going into msconfig to put into safe mode. In safe mode I run my anti rook kit software and found 1 root kit virus suprising it was able to remove. It.
And then I reinstalled update.
That fixed my login.
2. Now I get a problem where when I go into the control panel main page I can't access it. It times out after one second.
The my computer application times out as well.
But the settings application seems to work.
3. I have tried to disable cortana with gpedit. But it is still running in the background?
4. Windows defender I don't like when I did the upgrade it turn on Windows defender antivirus on but I didn't have it installed. ? How do I go about removing cortana and Windows defender?

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Hi and welcome to the Forum:

Sorry to hear about your W10 problems. It's not unusual that's for sure. We get lots and lots of those. There are some things you can do to help us to help you. And that is can you please post the Make/Model of the PC or Laptop having these difficulties.

Next there are some common sense things that we suggest people do PRIOR to performing their W10 upgrades--unfortunately, Microsoft hides this information from you in the fine print, and only trained Computer Techs seem to be aware of it. And that is, you MUST run the COMPATABILITY TEST and get a *Clean* Compatibility Report prior to running the W10 upgrade. If there are incompatibilities with your hardware, old drivers from your Win7 setup, and any Apps that you haven't physically updated since you installed them, they are going to interfere with your installation of the new OS (W10). Now for the 64,000 question; did you run the COMPATABILITY TEST prior to running your W10 upgrade? This is a YES or NO answer please. Many folks here refuse to answer this question, so we are left to guess.

If your answer is NO to the above question, then I urge you to restore your system to Win7, run the TEST and re-run the W10 upgrade or reinstall from free downloadable Media (DVD or USB) from Microsoft website. Re-test your Cortana and Defender.

Now, what's important to know is that many of us (about 5 Million or so) who have been part of the Microsoft Insider program have been running W10 for a year or more and have helped Microsoft develop the program and fix problems. I am part of that team. And here's some good information for you we observed. If you cannot fix either Cortana or Defender to work right with the above methods, you should leave it alone. Our research shows that many places on the Internet you can Google as well as other Tech Forums may provide you with methods to remove either Cortana and Defender or both or one at a time. Our advice is: "DON'T DO IT!". Both Cortana and Defender are embedded deep into the OS level of W10, and removing them with Registry editing tools or other methods have shown that a resulting OS instability often occurs. This doesn't happen on all PC's or laptops, but many of them. This includes major brands such as Dell, Samsung, HP, ACER/Gateway, ASUS, Toshiba etc. that have been tested and poor result reported.

If you visit the Microsoft Community Forum you will see that Microsoft makes this same recommendation, after they reviewed our results (Insider Testers), and agreed with us. You will be better served to DISABLE either Cortana or Defender or both as your need dictates, but removing them CAN cause instability with your W10 and thus cause Windows itself to misbehave as well as other Apps running under Windows.

Of course, it's your Computer and you can do whatever you want, but I'm going to assume that you came here to this Forum for sound practical advice, so here it is.

Best of luck to you,

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