Windows 8 Computer not shutting down


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I recently upgraded from XP to Windows 8 in a desktop model about 5 yrs old. No problems and the upgrade worked better than expectations.

I have had since a couple of crashes, a BSOD, and periodically the system will NOT shut down. Monitor closes but the power keeps chugging along until the pull the plug!!

Does anyone know if there is any way around the not closing down problem- perhaps there is not one..
It's funny my older system came with Xp just before Vista was released and one time it would not shut down on 8. No BSOD or crashes on it though. But then it went from XP to Vista to 7 and now 8. Wonder if it's a bios thing?
VegasGuy - I can't tell if this is just helpful advice, or if you're looking for assistance with your own problems. If you are looking for assistance, please start your own topic and include these reports:

There are numerous problems with older hardware and OS's being upgraded to Win8. I recently spent several days at work trying to fix a Vista system that was upgraded to Win8 - turns out it was the chipset drivers were too outdated to install new hardware.

The reports will give us a lot of information so that we can start to figure out where the problems are coming from.
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Just a comment that it has happened before on my once XP machine. I have not had a BSOD on either machine. Just throwing out that it might be the bios on these older systems that doesn't like something in Win 8. I won't pretend to be even the slightest bit impressed by Win 8 in any way, hut I will say it seems stable. Though I never had a BSOD on Win 7 either.