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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Crush, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Hi, I posted a thread about my freezing problem about a week ago, and having not been able to fix the problem, we had someone come in to take a look at it to see if they could. I was just wondering about pricing, and whether or not to even do it. He came in, asked what the problem was, which is freezing during the load-up in normal mode, didn't even go through it once, and entered safe mode right away. He tried some programs he had, which wouldnt even work, and then told us he would run a scan and some tests, and we might have to wipe it out and start over. It seemed like all he did was run Malwarebytes full scan, which I already did, and said he would let the scan finish and remove the remaining AVG software from a trial version, and if nothing came up or got fixed, we would have to do a full recovery.My question is, for a recovery, is $150 a fair price? Or, should I try to work it out myself, since I think doing a recovery isnt that difficult to do by myself.
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    If you have original OS and Serial, and your programme's and personal files backed up, I personally would save the cash and reinstall/backup yourself
    It is not difficult at all as long as you have backups to reinstall
    Good luck :)
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    Pricing for the type of work you are looking to get done is often dictated by where you live and what the local market considers competitive. I don't know what your options are, but if possible, certainly take some time and shop it around a bit.
    If their shop is licensed and bonded and their work comes with a guarantee and they have promised to back up all your data and replace it after the OS recovery is complete then I wouldn't think the $150 is too out of line, because depending on the amount of data the process can be a bit time consuming.
    But if $150 is as important to you as it is to me then I would definitely consider doing it your self. If as toddwilson indicated above, you have the install media and the resources (in safe mode) to transfer your critical data to an external media device, then the process is pretty straight forward and the cost is only your time which of course is sometimes an important consideration.
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    Agreed, do it's the only way to learn. If you do happen to mess up and lose everything it's a hard lesson learned but a good one. A clean install and your back to a brand new PC. The key is to always backup you important files and folders that you deem important. For me it's my pictures...the rest of the stuff can be reinstalled and re-downloaded.
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    And Windows 7 is one of the fastest installs I have ever seen in a Windows operating system usually less then half and hour.

    Repair Install - Windows 7

    If you want to do a complete replacement of Windows Choose "Custom instead of Upgrade when you get to that window.

    Personally I would try the Upgrade route first and completely replace Windows only if that didn't solve the problem.


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