Computer sucking at battery when turned off (Shutdown issues)

Hi sorry about his probably familiar type of first post from a non expert who badly needs some help.I have just been given a Fujitsu Lifebook S6540 running windows 7 and on the whole it is fine but it is eating the battery when switched off. Research on the internet has shown that the computer, although seeming to shut down may still be running in the background. I have therefore been into the registry and changed the powerdown after shutdown code to 1 rather than 0 which should ensure a complete shut down. I duly did this and let the computer charge up before shutting down and then left it for a day. It did not make a shred of difference and found half the battery had been used.

I have read around on various things that might cause this but a lot of it has been in extremely technical computer speak that I have been unable to understand. Is anyone here able to give me some clear trouble shooting advice and tell me what may be causing this?I would be very grateful :)


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You are referring to a complete shutdown and not sleeping or hibernating?

Are any lights on the computer blinking or on?

If this does not involve a sleep situation, I will have to think there is a design problem with the battery setup, or perhaps a failure of a motherboard component.

Have you checked to see if there is an update for your Bios on the system? Anything mentioned in the Bios that might suggest it would be active even while shutdown, such as network activity? Some motherboards will keep a USB port active during shutdown.

If you shut it down and remove the battery..anything happen? Does the battery still deplete after being removed?

Saltgrass no it is when the computer is completely shut down and no lights showing whatsoever. The computer is a few years old and as far as the BIOS is concerned i am not sure. How do you check the BIOS to find activity after shutdown and how do you update the BIOS? I am afraid I am one of those who just uses a computer for my work and have no knowledge of what goes on under the hood. All the trouble shooting things I have done so far are from hunting on the net :/


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If the system is a few years old, the battery could be bad. Does it deplete even when removed?

The bios suggestion was a long shot. If the system is shut completely down, it should not drain, unless there is some type of mechanical/electrical malfunction.

I thought knackered battery too and forgot to mention this but have bought a replacement battery and it did not solve the issue. I think I have done all the troubleshooting I can and I think it prolly needs to be looked at by an expert.

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