Windows 10 WEIRD battery drains when shut down


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Apr 6, 2022
hi, this is a very weird situation that i am encountering. I notice that whenever I shut down the laptop, my battery drains 40-50% a night.
Now, here's the weird catch, I have experimented for a few days and this is my findings:
Whenever I shut down my laptop and leave the lid open, my battery doesn't drain
However, whenever I shut down my laptop and close the lid, my battery drains
And yes, I have waited for the shutdown screen to load and the whole screen turns black and my backlit keyboard turns off before closing the lid
I have no idea why this is happening, shouldn't a shutdown means the battery shouldn't drain no matter the lid is open or closed?
go into your power settings and see what you have set to happen when the lid is shut... a sleep will drain the battery unless the plug is in i.e, assuming you are using battery and not plugged into the wall power
no, what i meant is that when i press SHUTDOWN and leave the lid open, it wont drain. But when i press SHUTDOWN and close the lid, it drains.
pressing shut down key on a laptop is a software key that can be set to turn the laptop off, put it to sleep or hyphenate it
closing the lid is another software key

if you want to hold the power key in for 3 sec that will force a power cut but it also skips the normal shutting down scenario designed to protect your system
no. you don't understand.. I press the SHUTDOWN button on my laptop, i did not close the lid to sleep or press my power button
I can understand your point, that is the basics. I build and repair computers but this is beyond the basics. If I knew what the problem was, I wouldn't be asking here.

its more common than you think and normally caused by Microsoft forcing their one size fits all drivers onto laptops... anyway best of luck with it
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