Connect to Home Network?

How do i reconnect to my home network? It just randomly disconnected and now i cant figure out how to reconnect.

this is what i want to get to. it says there are no wireless networks available, even though there is a wireless network in the area that i have connected to before. i got into my firewall and it says that i can connect to public networks, but not home (private) networks. im wondering how to reconnect to home networks in general. if there is some other sollution to this problem that does not have anything to do with the firewall, please tell me. sorry i didnt clarify this earlier.


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Is wireless enabled?

yes, now it is, but i cannot connect to the available networks because they are home networks

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it says i can only connect to public networks

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try tjhis; go to the Network and sharing center on the left pane should be an entry Manage wireless networks. Alternatively if it's a network location problem. from NSC select customize and there should be a Merge or delete locations in the bottom left corner.

thank you very much! it was a network location problem and what you said worked perfectly :)

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