Connecting to Comcast cable modem still nada

The words, I told you so, come to mind.
As a comcast customer myself, I've had my own experiences with them and their particular brand of support. But pretty much if the technician's laptop will connect, then you're pretty much on your own.
Likely to be a NIC -> Modem interop issue.
Does she have the same modem as your's at your place? I assume not since it worked at your place and doesn't at her's.
So possibly a generic mainstream NIC 10/100 maybe stay away from the Gigs.
Yeah, but I had hopes the guy would actually check their end. She was on this same connection with the same computer for almost a year. I took my own modem to her house yesterday, and her computer would not connect through it there, even though it would at my house. So, no modem/NIC problem. I suspect (and hope for) NIC/Comcast problem which should be defeated by either a router between them or a new NIC. BTW, I can't find any non-Gig NICs around here that have Win 7 drivers. I'll just pick up the Network Everywhere GA311 from Staples - it's less than 30 bucks, tax included. If the router doesn't fix it, that is. A router would help her security. eBay is full of old Linksys (Cisco) 4 port wired routers for <20 bucks shipping included.

Re: Connecting to Comcast cable modem FIXED!!

Thanks for guiding me in the troubleshooting - in particular the help that Trouble provided. Today the plan was to first try putting my router between her and the modem, but when I got there I realized that I had forgotten the Cat5 cables for that connection. Luckily I had stumbled across a Dlink NIC in a locker at work while looking for something else. I checked the Microsoft site and found that it was Win 7 compatible, so took it with me. Since I had forgotten the cables, I tried installing the NIC, disabling the onboard NIC as it booted back up, and it popped right on the net. I'll leave it in her computer and buy another to replace the one I borrowed from work. I may go ahead and get her a wired router, too - for security's sake.


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Re: Connecting to Comcast cable modem FIXED!!

Great work. Glad you were finally able to resolve her problem for her and thanks for posting back and updating your thread.
Thanks for joining our community and sharing this issue with us it was interesting to say the least. Now all I have to do is remember that NIC for future reference in trouble shooting issues with Comcast Modems.
We hope to continue to see you around the forums

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