Constant BSOD after Windows updates

If you have set the bios as I've shown and it is still like that, take all the memory out of the machine. Place it in the garbage. Buy new RAM. Install. Problems solved, enjoy, thank you and you're welcome.

Before doing so, delete C:\Windows\System32\drivers\adfs.sys and reboot.

If even one tiny crash happens after, it time for the landfill.

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Really? So the dump files are still pointing to memory corruption? The BIOS settings have not changed, at lest not when I checked yesterday. I've already run full memtests on both sticks of RAM and found no errors.

For a long time now, I don't even bother with Memtest or recommending it any longer. I straight away recommend the landfill as above.

Of course, this assumes your bios is set properly as advised.

Over 10k Windows machines fixed by me online.

Not a single instance of someone reporting back that issues continued after my disposal recommendation. 100% satisfaction guaranteed lol.

You're welcome to post a new CPU-Z memory tab so I can double check for ya, if you want.

Delete that adfs.sys file if you haven't yet. After, like I said, one crash at all and poof....RAM gone. New RAM in.

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Thanks, I really do appreciate the help. I realize how many requests you get and problems you've solved. I guess I was just hoping it was a driver/software problem and that I wouldn't have to replace hardware.

The RAM is only about 6 weeks old, I will try to get it replaced if the BSOD reappears before trashing it :)

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No trash then. Contact the manufacturer and they will replace it, free of charge.

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