Convert to Windows 10 Mail?

Jim S

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I'm getting close to installing Win 10 on my Win 8.1 computer - it's sitting there waiting! But first I need to know something about Windows 10 Mail. I've been using Windows Live Mail 11 for several years on both Win 7 and Win 8.1. I have hundreds of mail folders, thousands of messages, and numerous mailing lists (sets of contacts for various groups) that I must retain for my day-to-day activities. Do I dare let all the WLM content get converted to a new mail system? Will I lose any capabilities or content? Should I continue to use WLM 11 on Win 10, assuming that is possible?



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You don 't have to switch to a new email client. Just install Windows Live Mail in W10 and it works as you expact it to work. B.t.w. I did the same.



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Yep I using live mail 2012 works great with Windows 10 64 bit as well.

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