Windows 7 Corrupt disk - run chkdsk


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Jan 14, 2009
I am getting this error quite frequent. This is the 4th time I've installed 7 beta. I've done 1 install with totally wiping out my XP installation. It worked fine then.

I started with a dual boot. This is when it happened all the time after I got a few programs installed in 7. So I did a clean install over my XP partition. I installed quite a bit. Worked great. But I really wanted my XP also, so I restored my backup of XP and reinstalled a dual boot. I have reinstalled 7 twice since then. And each time, after I get a few programs installed, it will say a certain application has failed and that I need to run chkdsk. No certain application does it. So anyway, I reboot and run the chkdsk, it finds a bunch of stuff it deletes. Windows restarts and another application pops up the error. I reboot again, run chkdsk, deletes a bunch. I do this about 3 times and this is where I am now.

My firefox won't respond. My steam won't run, it says "Unable to write to current steam folder. Move steam to a folder where you have write privelges." It's like each time I run the chkdsk, it gets worse.

If this matters, I use Acronis to partition and to backup images. I have 2 drives, 6 total partitions. Disk 0 has XP, 7 and a media (data) partition. Disk 1 has all backup partitions. My XP is C: My 7 install is in G: Maybe that has something to do with it. All my programs install in G: when I'm logged into 7. So it's not like it's trying to install programs into the XP partition when I'm logged into 7.

SO...any ideas would be great. I LOVE 7!! Im an XP user right to 7. So I never did experience Vista.
Where did you receive your copy of windows 7 Beta? What Version are you using 32 or 64 bit? What are your computer specs?
Got the beta off the microsoft site one week ago. It is the 32 bit.


  • MSI P6N Nvidia 650i mobo
  • Intel E6750 Core 2
  • 2 gigs of Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 RAM
  • Seagate 7200.10 250G SATA HD
  • Seagate 7200.11 500G SATA HD
  • EVGA Nvidia 9600GT 512M video card
I've had something similar to this happening, and it didn't seem to follow, but constantly getting chkdsk errors and random crashes for me were a cause of RAM gone bad. If you are able to get a hold of replacement RAM from a friend to try it out, you should. I haven't had a good streak with any DDR2-800 RAM lasting very long.
hmmm....the weird thing is that XP runs fine. Been running fine since this build I did in Feb 08'. I even did a MEM test that 7 has built in. (Don't know how good that is.) I will see if I can get a test piece from a friend.
I just remembered another thing you can try in the mean time, if it's not possible to get a piece in a timely manner. Get a live disk of Ubuntu/Kubuntu and boot from that. When it gets to the menu to choose what you want to do, run the memory diagnostic checker (memtest86). Let it run a full cycle, which may take about 30 minutes.
Actually I have memtest on CD. Ill try booting to that and running it. It's been a few months since I ran it. Thanks for the tip. Another note. I have my mem underclocked to 667 to match the board 1:1. I wouldnt think that would cause an issue.
Memtest was fine. 7 is still working. I have had 1 disk error since yesterday. Ran chkdsk and it cleaned some stuff.
Still getting this error. I think it has to do something with my 7 installation access and using the same media partitions as my XP install. I have a partition used for my music, pictures, and video libraries. I also have a partition for my audio recordings that I do with Adobe Audition.

Well I ran into an issue where I couldn't access my M: drive (media) from the XP installation. I had to go into 7 and "share with homegoup Read/write". That seemed to fix it. Then I could access it from XP.

So do you think this is causing the drive error? It seems I can work in 7 for a day or so before it errors. And I wonder if it's after I use my media player to access my music. I will keep track next time this happens to see if it was after I did this.
Hi gtrman79,

I am getting exactly the same problem as you and my computer is in a slightly similar situation. I have 4 partitions on one disk. One partition has vista installed, another has the windows 7 beta installed, the third is used for files i want to share between the two operating systems and my 4th partition is used for backups. The first instance where I got the disk corrupted message was when i tried to access a file on the partition that I use to share files between the 2 operating systems. I tried chkdsk just like you and it always seems to work for a little while, but then the error message keeps coming back and i cant read/write any files.

If you find a way to fix this problem can you please tell me because I really want to use the beta, but if that error message is going to keep popping up, I won't be able to do anything on it.

If anyone else knows how to fix this can you please tell as well
Well, at least I wasn't the only one. For now I have removed 7. I just wanted to test all my hardware and day to day stuff. And it worked. But the inconveniences with the chkdsk errors were too annoying for now. If I had a separate machine to install 7 on I would in a second.

In fact what I think I'll probably do when the final is out is get the 64-bit and dual boot XP & 7. But my XP will only be used for my audio recording hardware cause of it not being 64-bit. So that OS will be a minimal install with no sharing of partitions. JUST for audio recording.
I had this problem when i first installed W7. Continuous chkdsk after boot and restart, 3-4 times, system starts eventually then after 5 minutes i had information that disk C is corrupted and unreadable (restart, chkdsk and so on).

The only way i could fix this was to install W7 once again, on a new partition formated by installer. After that, new system is running 2nd day and everything seems to be ok. No errors at all so far.

I have also Vista Ult on second partition and it works fine. The only thing i can't understand is that i can't see Vista partition on W7.

Both systems 64-Bit.

Hope that'll work for ya.
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Ahhhh, you used the installer to format. Yeah I used Acronis to split and format a partition for 7. That might be an issue. Maybe I will try it again with that. Thanks.
Hi, I am having the same problem with my install. Mine is dual boot - XP 32 / W7 64 occupying 2 of 4 partitions on my disk. This is my second attempt at installing 7, with the same results. Also, my taskbar loses all of it's icons intermittently (I can still click on them, but I can't see them)...

I have run memtest overnight without a single error. I was able to install my mobo drivers - rebooted w/o a problem. Next I tried to install the ATI drivers, and the chkdsk started...

EVGA 650I Ultra
6 gb OCZ DDR2 800
did you try to format destination 7 partition using installer? (which means not with acronis, partition magic or xp system or anything)

worked for me and i guess for gtrman79, cause he's not reporting any problems.
I actually had this problem too. I posted it here and got no answers. The problem was I had 4 primary partitions on my computer. What I did was copy files from one of the partitions onto another, format the now blank partition into an extended one (i only use it for documents/video/music) and problem solved. Just format one of your partitions to extended (you will lose you files on that partition, make a backup to restore first.) There aren't really any disadvantages to having an extended drive. Before it used to be that you couldn't install an OS on an extended but you can now.
I used the installer to reformat the partition, and haven't had to run chkdsk once since then. Also, I had been having some issues with the ATI drivers, and they installed/work fine.

I'm having the same problem and I have also created the new partition with Acronis. How does one do this with "the installer" ? Or should I just use Winxp explorer to format this new partition? Thanks.
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corrupt disc vista /7 stink!

I think there is an inherent problem with both windows 7 and vista. I tried to install raid 0 with vista and got corrupt disc errors all the time.... tried to install on non raid harddrive and got same errors. Fortunately I had dual boot .... if I tied to chdsk with windows vista got mft error as well as no disc space... crashed disc ,if I ran chkdsk in win xp it corrected problem and I was able to reboot into vista .Downloaded windows seven today and installed ... same errors, and solution I have used different hard drives so it is not a HD problem. Both OS's stink as far as I am concerned....

Long live Windows XP!

I do have the exact same problem as most of you here experienced.

I have created a new primary partition using Acronis and installed Windows 7 on it. I have 3 partitions. One is for XP, the other one is where I put my documents (pictures, music, videos, etc.) and one for Windows 7. I share the same partition for documents on XP and 7.

I get the corrupt and unusable error every once and a while. When I restart to XP, chkdsk runs and deletes a bunch of entries from the drive where Windows 7 is installed.

I will try your recommendation on formatting the Windows 7 partition using the installer instead of Windows XP and third party programs.

Acronis might be the culprit since most of us are using it to partition the drive. Hope someone can report if they too are having the exact same problem using other third party software other than Acronis.

By the way I am using Windows 7 Release Candidate 32 bit version.

I can tell that RAM related problems has nothing to do with this as some implies. I never had RAM problems on XP.
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