Windows 7 Corrupt disk - run chkdsk

Win 7 slowly freezes then crash .. then no MBR

HI, I have a similar issue with Win7(64). I can get it formatted and installed just fine. It works for a while - 1-2 days. Then it starts to freeze up. The drive then crashes and on reboot no access to MBR (or i get a can't find OS message - (crtl-alt-dlt) - etc.

After a few boot attempts (or maybe over a day or so) Win7 will load itself up again - and run fine .. for a while .. then same thing freeze/crash/no boot.

I have tried various install methods - on its own HD - with no other OS present, in multi-boot with vista and/or Linux. Each time I have installed win7 I have done a clean install and used the win7 install format process. I have tried using a boot manager (OSL 2000 then BootIT-NG) and I have tried just loading the HD - either on its own or with the second drive too) - always the same result.

I have also tried various incarnations of Win7 - same result.

I have 2 HD .. and have tried them in various positions .. all with the same result. (one samsung spinpoint 1TB, one Maxtor 1TB)

all running on an Asus p5k-e MOBO, Intel C2-Q6850 -Extreme, EVGA 8800GTX, 4 or 8gb Kinston DDR2-800 (1066)

I also run Vista ULT and never have any issues with it - it boots up every time - with no issues. I have also tried with Ubuntu and Sabayon - always the same result.

Any thoughts?

Wade :confused:

p.s. as I have this problem I haven't loaded up any software onto Win 7 other than Firefox
Corrupt disk error

I'm running W7E(64-bit), lately every time I go to save anything to any HDD (I have 3 internal HDD's), I get a message that either says I don't have sufficient read/write privileges, the disk is corrupt and cannot be written to/read from, or it'll just tell me to try saving in a different location because an error occurred. I am dual booting between XP and W7, however, I didn't use any kind of 3rd party partition software during this installation, so a majority of what has been talked about in this thread doesn't relate to my situation completely. Every time I boot into W7 I auto run a chkdsk /r /f, I never set a chkdsk to run, but it doesn't hurt. However, each time it runs, it comes up with no HDD error, which makes me think that the issue has nothing to do with any of my HDD's. I haven't tried swapping any of my hardware yet in an attempt to troubleshoot the problem, but if it is faulty hardware I believe it may be my RAM. However, even after running MemTest I don't get any kind of error returned. At this point it looks like my best bet would be to just reinstall the OS, but I really would like to use that as a last resort (I'm just too lazy to reinstall any OS atm). So what should I do? Have I overlooked anything? Would reinstalling the OS be my best bet?

Thanks for your help!