Windows 8.1 Corrupt microsoft office documents

the word documents icon shows properly, but when I tried to open it, it

gave me a message:

â¬SFile conversion⬝

Select the encoding that makes your document readable.

Text encoding:

(then I have 3 choices with the circles beside them to select )

(1st choice) Windows (Default) (2nd choice) MS-DOS (3rd choice) Other


Document direction:

(then I have 2 choices with the circles beside them to select )

(1st choice) Right-to-left (2nd choice) Left-to-right

Under that is a window that says â¬SPreview⬝ which I can see the text of my

document, which is unreadable. What ever I choice I see the same unreadable


It doesnâ¬"t matter on whatever computer I try to open it on, I still get the

same results.

Now does anybody know what Iâ¬"m talking about???

Does anybody know how I cant get my documents back???

Word XP and later offer an Open And Repair option, which you can use to force Word to attempt a recovery. Just select the file in the Open dialog box and choose Open And Repair from the Open drop-down list in the bottom-right corner. This isn't necessarily foolproof, but it does work on a lot of problematic documents.

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