Cortana problems! Help me please?


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Hey guys!

My Cortana on my Win 10 desktop seemed to work fine up till yesterday, since when, Cortana is unable to reply to simple chat questions. I mean, if I would ask, " Hey Cortana! What's up?", she'd have usually told me about this day in history, but since yesterday, she only says stuff like, " I found this for you." and then the only thing below her window is the Bing logo and "See more results on" I mean, there aren't even any results on the Cortana window, 'cause clicking on '' takes me to a search on Edge, so someone please help me fix this problem....Also, she can still answer questions if I type them, but "hey Cortana" questions take me to Bing.....

P.S. Another problem is that she often loses connection, although the internet is working fine. All I do is clear Cortana from Task Manager, and she'll be fine again. I read this somewhere on the internet, but of course this isn't a permanent solution.....

My Windows 10 is Anniversary Edition
build 14393.222

Everything updated, no virus, just a few games, that's all.

Please help! I loved Cortana's smoothness till yesterday!!!! And these problems seem to have come since I went from 14393.05(?) to maybe???


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I just discovered! Cortana works fine when I say "What is up?" and type "What's up?". But if I say "What's up?" then the problem persists as usual......

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