Crash Nsf Files

My Thinkpad crashed and luckily I had backed up 2 days before using Rescue and Recovery. All my files have been retrieved including the Lotus Notes archives etc....except for my contacts (address book) which are a file called names.nsf. I can go into R&R and when I retrieve an individual file, I see the file on the external hard drive (about 85Mb) but when I try to retrieve it, it gives me an error saying "Unable to restore file: C:\.... Contact your administrator if this error occurs again". I would say that it's a bad sector on the external hard drive, but there are 4 backups on the hard drive and I can't retrieve the file from any of them. It seems to more of a problem with the type of file itself. There is another '.nsf' file that I can't retrieve which is a journal/memo. Maybe there's a problem retrieving .nsf files? Is there some other way to retreive it such as a different way to uncompress the file outside of the R&R program....although I can't see the files on the hard drive directly - only if I view the files through the R&R program. Any help or ideas would be has years of contact information that's causing me to limp along. Thanks!

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