Insider Preview Critical failure, startmenu and Cortane don't work


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Have you ever seen this?

I do a clean install of 10162 from USB flash, on a Acer Aspire One (yes, a minimal system), remove all partitions and create a new one. Everything seems to go as expected, devices are installed, I select use Express settings, see the message “Even geduld” (One moment please) and than a threatening message pops up:

“Kritieke fout
Startmenu en Cortane werken niet. De volgende keer dat u zich aanmeldt zal worden geprobeerd dit te het te herstellen - Afmelden”
(Critical Failure
Startmenu and Cortana don’t work. Next time you login, we will try to fix it – Log off

After logging off this repeats.

I force a reboot, again I select Express settings and the installation continues……
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That is the first time I have seen such a message at that early stage. Maybe someone will have the answer, but, I would suggest at the moment, either a bad download or bad "burn" to the USB.


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I checked the download, also tried install from DVD, same result, and I found another user with the same message in the feedback.

So I think it is hardware related, an Acer Aspire One is so small...... poor thing...
And 10162 is working now!

We will see, thanks for answering
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