cursor hangs or jumps to unexpected screen

A few weeks ago, my Windows 7 Professional started to misbehave with the cursor locking up, moving back, jumping to an HTML screen, etc. I could mostly recover by moving the arrow keys back and forward or deleting these unwanted pop ups. It occurs with all applications, more on than off. I checked my keyboard, and it is ok. What else can I do to fix this?

yes. I run Malwarebytes regularly. I also ran Esset anti virus that found many faults, but fixing those did not make my problem go away.

I ran the sfc /scannow program twice now as administrator, but see no results. Where should I see the results?


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Test in safe mode. If it does the same thing I'd try a different mouse or try your mouse on a different computer and see if the issue follows the mouse. Also check and make sure the optical sensor is clean.

ok. saw this problem in safe mode. Ran scannow twice and several fixes made and some not fixable. Need to find another computer for a mouse check, although I wonder why the mouse could be the problem if it shows up strictly from the keyboard. Not enough testing yet, but the problem seems to have been reduced somewhat, but still there. Is the optical sensor on the mouse?


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Yes it's where the light is

Looks like I am not going to find a solution on this forum

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