D drive and E drive not able to open

I am trying to open my hard drives of my dell windows 7 laptop, but unable to open and the error continuously going on. I think it is badly affected with virus. But my anti-virus is still running, can any one suggest me what should I do to access my drives again?


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Are these drives D and E just partitions of your laptop hard drive or are they separate from the system drive C? If separate you could physically remove them, install them to a USB caddy to secure the data on another pc while you get the laptop cleaned up. If they are part of the same physical hard drive it might still be best to follow this procedure - getting you data secured elsewhere before attempting to clean the drive.


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Let's deal with the possible infection first. First, stop all running applications using ctrl alt del. Then reboot, once the reboot starts, start tapping the F8 key...this will give you some options, choose safemode with networking. This will start the basic services needed. Once in safemode update your anti-virus and run a full scan...it will take some time so be patient. Once that one is done...download if you don't have these all ready....Malwarebytes - run full scan; Adware - run full scan; Super Antispyware - run full scan; Spybot S&D - run full scan and finally Ccleaner, this one will get rid of and clean out all junk files not needed. These are all free. Once this is done and we are sure the system is free of infection then we can proceed to your hard drive issue.

Thank you for help, but before some days I did changes in setting of drives. In property option there is a security tab, I made changes there and now not able to correct it as previous so please guide me as soon as possible. Thanks


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Could you tell us what the changes were made? Or use the snipping tool to take a picture of what was changed and attach using the paperclip on the Advanced Replies..

You may need to activate the Real Admin account if you removed the User/Admin access.

I unable to change permission from the drive and tried to change the permission from computer management of administrative tool.


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On the Securities Tab, you should show the Administrators with full control, or every permission checked except Special Permissions.

The Owner should be System.

On the Advanced Section, the Administrators should show full control.

So, what is wrong? Did you remove a user? Is it you no longer have permission to change the settings, or you do not know how?

Edit: You may be able to change the permissions from the Command Line. Check this reference to see and possibly use the /reset option or one of the permission options, depending on what you changed.


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