Daft question I know it wont work but i'm desperate


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I re-installed win 7 on a new SSD and after the first time I turned it off it said it was downloading 137 updates!
next morning it started up and kept rebooting in an endless loop.

I got out the cd and went into repair after several botched attempts this worked!
I carried on adding my programs and had endless problems with them especially sql server,Visual studio etc
god know how many hours it's taken me, including the original 137 updates and at least another 70 updates
and I set up my backups using shadow protect without noticing that there are two extra partitions on this drive.
One is a Fat32 bootmanager partition and the other one is marked unknown!

So I then realise all my backups are useless as shadowprotect will only do 1 partition at a time but there are 3
I did try restoring the image of the win partition back to another drive but it won't boot,
I then tried restoring all 3 partitions to the other drive one at a time and that wont boot either so now I am completely stumped.
I don't want to do any more work on this install without being able to ever make a working image.

so my crazy idea and yes I do know it's crazy but...

if i do a fresh install of win7 on an empty drive and then copy the whole contents of this working copy that i have spent so much time on
over the top of the fresh install ?

I assume there might be permission problems there is always something! but is it worth a try?

anyone have any better ideas please?

thanks for reading this far lol


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