Windows 7 Dead Space on EVGA 8500GT 256mb low-end DX10 Card


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Feb 18, 2009
So i played a bit of Dead Space on Win.7 32 bit the graphics run faster, smoother and even look a little better then on Vista for some reason using my low-end dx10 card Evga 8500GT Gpu-688 from 450 stock Mem-500 from 400 stock and the Shader-1800 from 918 stock with stock 20mm fan on card my Specs for running the game were-2 Gb PNY 667mhz Dual channel ram OC'ed to 900 mhz CPU- AMD Athlon 5000+ Black Edition 2.6ghz OC'ed to 3Ghz stock heatsink+fan Motherboard- ASUS M2N-SLI 560 Limited Edition on 40Gb IDE WesternDigital HD with only 15.9Gb of free disk space WooOoOoOooW : ) Have fun with DEAD SPACE ALL

Well I've got a 3 gig Intel Dual Core and 2 gigs of Supertalent pc4200 and a ATI 512 AGP Sapphire 1600 wi/Soundmax onboard + a realtek nic. I will be testing Deadspace now that someone has mentioned it on here. It will be the 1st game I will install on Windows 7 for Benchtesting.
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