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In this on-location special for Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder invade Raymond Chen's office. Raymond is a 23yr veteran of Microsoft, who's worked on everything from MS-DOS to the Windows 10 UI.

We talk about his Blog and Book Old New Thing, Security Reports on the wrong side of the Airtight Hatchway, various Microspeak terms including 'North Star' and Bedlam, Code Samples, and lot's of other random stuff.

Blog - Old New Thing
Book - Old New Thing
Bedlam - Larry Osterman's Weblog
Bedlam - The Exchange Team Blog - Me Too!

[00:00] Studio E
[01:45] The "Reference" sign
[02:25] Raymond Chen's history
[04:02] SDK Samples
[12:26] Old New Thing
[20:14] The Book
[21:52] Airtight Hatchway
[25:12] Microspeak
[28:37] Microspeak - North Star
[31:45] Microspeak - Bedlam
[33:38] How do you achieve a daily blog?
[36:14] Responding to blog comments
[38:18] Questions? Email us at

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