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Windows 7 Delay at startup


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Jan 22, 2013
I have a brand new pc and normally it starts up in 30 ~ 40 seconds. Yesterday, I installed Easy-Hide-Ip and there were some Windows Updates also. From that moment on my pc boots in 2 minutes! In the ntbtlog.txt I've found some drivers did not load. Can this be the problem? What is the solution?


  • ntbtlog.txt
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If you have a restore point that's from before yesterday apply it and see if things go back to normal.

If they do, then try and apply the updates again.

Once that's done reinstall Easy-Hide IP.

Something may have just gone wrong someplace installing the updates, or maybe Easy-Hide interfered with the process.

The problem is: I don't have a restore point from before yesterday.
1. Uninstall Easy-Hide-Ip --- try the boot
2. Uninstall Windows updates --- try the boot

Both actions are easily remade = Windows updates and
Easy-Hide-Ip installation. You might do well with a registry cleaning, either with CCleaner or Free Window Registry Repair, ​Registry Cleaner Software Downloads at RegSofts.com. There are many who warn about using these, but I haven't had problems.
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Just a suggestion, I always make a restore point before updating or installing anything, and there's a really easy way to do it.

Try Restore Point Creator.

EAD Restore Point Creator - CNET Download.com

Just a couple of clicks and a few seconds and you have a restore point.

I agree with Titanic just uninstall both the updates and the software and try again.
I'd run the registry cleaner in CCleaner after uninstalling.


My computer boots faster again. But, when I take a look in the Link Removed there are still drivers which are described as 'not loaded'.
Can I do something about that?

What is the name of the drivers?
They may be things that you can download and install correcting the problem.

Or they may be connected with specific software that could be reinstalled.

Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\vga.sys
Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\NDProxy.SYS
Did not load driver \SystemRoot\System32\DRIVERS\srv.sys


From the elevated Prompt Right click on the Prompt Icon and select run as administrator. Then type…

SFC /scannow

Scans and restores system files.

Next check out this post I copied from the Microsoft site...

Errors loading some drivers how do I fix

Tim.T replied on May 4, 2012

1)Go into 'Device Manager'

2)Select 'View>Show Hidden Devices'

3)Under 'Non Plug and Play Drivers', you should find NDProxy listed

4) Right Click it.

5)On the 'Driver' tab, select 'Startup'

6)Try changing the 'Startup' type (Automatic, System, Boot, etc) until the error disappears from the ntbtlog.txt. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a 'Delayed Start' option which sometimes solves problems with drivers not loading properly, especially drivers that are not essential for Windows to function.

The following URL has a detailed description of the boot process, as well as how to diagnose boot delays, including what to look for in the Registry:

Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics - Windows 7 Tutorial

IMPORTANT: please create a Restore Point before modifying the Registry; or manually create a Registry backup via the 'Export' command in Regedit. (Export all keys).

I was having a similar problem with other "Did not load" drivers - including NDProxy - in ntbtlog, and using this diagnostic helped to systematically fix the problem. However in my case I still have not fixed this NDProxy issue. But I still think it's worth trying. You never know.

Hope this helps.