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I'm running an nVidia GTX 680 video card in Windows 8 and using the latest driver package 314.07. I just ran a scan at nVidia's site and it said this is the latest driver.

I'm not having any problems, I have installed, on my computer...

The Secret World and the new Tomb Raider, Wow, Age of Conan, Skyrim, The Lord of the Rings Online, Dragon Age 2, Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2, several other Tomb Raider games, and a couple of flight, sims everything runs great and I'm running most of them in stereo 3D.

I just don't know what's going on with your computer.
My friends are all running nVidia cards too, and no one is having problems in either Windows 7 or 8?

I just don't have any other ideas, but the fact that you have problems with both Windows 7 and 8 seems to indicate some problem in your computer, maybe there is some bug in your video card itself.

I hate hardware issues, software I can usually sort out but hardware can be a nightmare if you don't have a bunch of stuff lying around to swap out.

If you can get another video card to try that might tell you whether it's the card or not.

You could try unseating your card and putting it back in, I don't have a lot of hope that, that would make any difference but it's worth a try, maybe change slots if you have one free.

The strange thing is that this issue doesn't occur under Windows 8, the only problem is that my drivers bug out when I enable SLI on Windows 8 which is why I reverted back to Windows 7. I'm running the GTX580 3GB version in SLI and it works perfectly on Windows 8 up to driver version 310.70, anything higher and it doesn't work properly when I enable SLI, it works fine without though. I will definitely be reverting back to a single expensive card instead of SLI when the next series arrives.

Under Windows 7 EVERYTHING works correctly aside from the issue in this thread, 10-20 seconds of a black screen after the "Starting Windows" part of booting. As I stated before the computer responds because I hear the music and I can also type my password and log in (I also hear the login sound play) but the screen stays black for roughly 10-20 seconds and then appears perfectly fine.

All my games run without any issues (aside from the SLI issues in Tomb Raider, which are now solved in 321.14) and I have no complaints whatsoever about anything aside from this.

There is an issue with my headset where it continually disconnects and reconnects the USB but this has been confirmed to be caused by the Logitech Gaming Software and can be found on their forums.

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Just letting you know that I actually solved the issue myself while fixing a different issue that was haunting me for a long time.

It turns out that the SATA backplane in my Cooler Master HAF X does not support SATA III. This was causing my SSDs to freeze up and give errors. Now that I have removed it and connected them directly to the motherboard my Windows 7 also starts normally again.

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