Windows 7 Deleted 1 Windows 7 partition and now I can't boot up my other Windows 7 Partition.


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I have 2 partitions on my HP Mini 210 and they are both Windows 7 but i deleted one of them and now when i start my computer I cant get on the partition that is still there, it says there is no boot device. All of the files are there still from the partition i want to get into, but it wont give me the option. Is there any way to boot back into it?
With all the different configurations, it is hard to judge exactly what you removed. As Pat says, a Startup Repair, run possibly 3 times may get you booting again. But if the partition you deleted was the active partition, you will need to make another one active. Startup repair will work in many cases, but it does have a hard time making a partition active.

Let us know how it goes, and if it doesn't work, you might think about getting a bootable version of Partition Wizard to look at your drives and perhaps get a picture you could attach showing your partitions.

Do you happen to know what type of partition it was you removed?
I dont know if this will help but this is what happened.

I have 2 patitions, one was windows 7 (the one im trying to get on) then i had another partition with a fresh install of windows 7. When i booted up my computer it asked which operating system to boot off of and the first choice was the fresh install and I wanted to get rid of it so i could just have one install of windows 7, and when i deleted the partition i was on the one im trying to use now and it was working fine still, then after a while i shut it down normally, then when i tried to get on the next day i got the error. (Both installs were from a flashdrive since im on a netbook)

Could reinstalling windows 7 in the deleted partition help?

I tried to reinstall but i get this error when booting from the flashdrive.

"Windows could not collect information for [OSImage] since the specified image file [install.wim] does not exist ".
What is on the flash drive, the Windows 7 install media? Do you have anything you can boot, even recovery media of some type?

There is really no way I can guess as to your current configuration. If you can't figure something out, you might try downloading Partition Wizard, the free bootable Home edition, which I believe can be put on a flash drive. You could at least look at the install and see what might be going on.

But you will have to be able to get into some type or recovery utility. The you can run the Startup Repair and see if it will fix the problem. The message about the .wim file is probably because the recovery .wim was kept on the Windows 7 partition.

You can download a Windows 7 SP1 .iso file and put it on a flash drive.
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As saltgrass suggested, partition wizard might be the easiest way out - boot it from a flash drive and use it to set the remaining windows partition as the active one (which is probably causing the problem).
OK i will try the recovery.

and on the flash drive was Windows 7 professional 32 bit iso file

Thanks to the both of you for helping me figure this out.