Windows 10 Deleted disc files

Hello, I just installed Windows 10 on one of mine disks. Install process ends fine but after that I found out that on other disk are not data, but there is old version of system disk! There are completely copied system disk data. I dont need that old version of OS but I need data which was there before. I absolutely dont understand how that should happen. Help me please. :X


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If you are using the Recovery media that came with the computer, and you did not back up your data then I'm afraid your data has been overridden. You can use a recovery tool to try and recover your data. Recuva - Free Data Recovery tool - Free Download

omfg I dont understand how should Windows installation affect other hard disks than system one :X
thanks for that link. :) I will try it :)


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It will only affect the drive you installed it on, but if you picked the wrong disk. Other than the disk size there really isn't any indicator to determine which drive you are installing on. I think a lot of people will remove all disks except the one they want to install on so they don't install on the wrong one.

As I wrote. System was installed to the right HDD. To HDD 1. During that installation there was made backup of old system from HDD 1 to another HDD 2. I used same sort of express instalation and exactly that happend.
Yes. Next time I will unplug all HDDs from motherboard. :X


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Techs all know and have learned either in classroom formal training or on-the-job training never, ever, never install an OS to Drive1 (and not Drive0). :noway: Different BIOSes, and different hardware, and different drive interface types (such as IDE, EIDE, SATA, SSD, etc.). OSes (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, whatever) are never installed on secondary drives, especially drives that are connected through external ports such as USB or Firewire. :noway:

Tough lesson to learn.:waah: You might want to read some DIY books on upgrading your PC next time; or take a PC troubleshooting and upgrade class at your local Adult School or Community College. Sorry that happened to you!


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